This site is under heavy construction. To be blunt, I just dumped any number of jokes that I have received over the last few months onto one page, without regard for any personal sensitivities with which you may be afflicted. The material on the following jokes page could be construed as offensive, sexist, rude, grammatically challenged, obscene, racist, cretinous, nausea promoting, politically incorrect, politically correct (God forbid, if it please Him), libellous, inflammatory or just plain incomprehensible.

If this melange of styles might offend your sensibilities, please click this link ... 'I'm going to chicken out because I'm a politically correct old Terry Wogan fan.'

If, on the other hand, you're the kind of insensitive bugger that is prepared to laugh at other people's tribulations, click this link ... 'I can take a whole weekend of Billy Connolly vids so stop mucking about and show me wot you got.'

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