Major System Trainer

Under Construction!

If you see nothing but text above this line, your browser probably doesn't support Java.

Click here to download the source file and Applet.

The Applet visible above, if your browser supports Java, is designed to generate strings of random numbers for the purpose of memory training. It currently supports a number of digits, number of sequences and a delay. The purpose of the delay is to mimic the "spoken number" test used in the Memory Olympiad. If you want, say, to generate ten four-digit numbers, one every three seconds, you would set the "No. of digits" field to 4, the "No. of sequences" field to ten, and the "Delay" to 3,000. (3,000 milliseconds = 3 seconds.)

To commence the run, hit "OK". At present, the numbers are added to a list as they are generated, and can be displayed individually by selecting "View Value". The View Value option is the closest mimic to the actual spoken number test, although it is presently purely visual in nature. A later version will provide the option of testing one's recall by requiring input in order, in reverse, or randomly.

If you prefer to work without the Index number, keeping track of the current position by memory, check the "View Index" button and the indices will go away.